What Are Yellow Jackets?

What Are Yellow Jackets?

Yellow jackets are a common pest in the summer and fall. These pests get their name from their black and yellow color and pattern. Most of these species are yellow and black, but some can have white or red markings as well. They are similar to bees, but have a smaller midsection. Wasps and hornets can be compared to yellow jackets, but the key differences are their habits and levels of aggressiveness. Yellow jackets are territorial and can become aggressive when their nest is approached. These pests have a painful sting and can sting multiple times, making them an unwanted guest on your property.

How to Get Rid of Yellow Jackets?

Because of their aggressive nature, yellow jackets are a hard pest to get rid of on your own. But, the best way to reduce their presence is to make sure that your trash containers are securely closed and open containers are emptied regularly. To get rid of yellow jackets for good, you need to identify their nest’s location and treat it at night with a few different types of insecticides. There are also lures and traps that you can use to lure the yellow jackets away from your important outdoor areas like a patio, pool, or shed. The best option is to contact an extermination company who is trained to handle the issue.

Yellow Jackets Extermination With R.J.’s Pest Control

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