What Are Mosquitoes?


Mosquitoes are widely considered to be one of the most dangerous insects because of their ability to spread disease. A mosquito is a small insect that bites humans and animals to feed on their blood, specifically the females need blood meals to produce eggs. These bugs are found all over the world, and over 200 different types live in the continental United States. There is a major difference in types of mosquitoes. Nuisance mosquitoes do not spread germs and pathogens. On the other hand, there are 12 different types of mosquitoes in the continental United States that can spread germs and disease. These pests are mainly active from dusk to dawn, but some species are active during the day.

How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes

One of the most effective ways to reduce the amount of mosquitoes on your property is to make sure to eliminate standing water. It does not take a lot of water for mosquitoes to lay their eggs. Turning over objects in your yard that collect water can be a helpful way to reduce the amount of mosquitoes. Another method that helps is keeping your lawn cut short. During the day, adult mosquitoes will often hide in grass, so keeping it short will push them to hide elsewhere. The most effective way to get rid of mosquitoes, though, is to hire an extermination company that can treat your area. 


Mosquito Extermination With R.J.’S Pest Control

To learn more about mosquito extermination with R.J.’S Pest Control click here. R.J.’s Pest Control can protect your home and business against mosquitoes and guarantee 100% satisfaction. We will inspect and treat areas where mosquitoes can breed and any areas of your yard you would like them to steer clear of. R.J.’s Pest Control offers service to the areas of Canton, Novi, Plymouth, and the surrounding areas. With R.J.’s maintenance plan we will inspect your home and yard yearly, making sure your home stays free of mosquitos and other pests. Call us at (734) 812-7675 or contact us online today for a free quote.

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