Mosquito Pest Control in South Lyon, MI

Mosquito Pest Control

Mosquitoes are one of Michigan’s most annoying pests during the summer months. If your yard has been overrun by mosquitoes you may need professional treatment. Mosquito bites are itchy and irritating. They can ruin any backyard party or BBQ.

Mosquito Pest Control to Prevent Disease  

Aside from being irritating, some mosquitoes carry diseases. West Nile Virus is the most common disease spread by mosquitoes. Other diseases such as Dengue, Chikungunya, and Zika Virus have been found in the United States as well. Not all types of mosquitoes spread disease but the few that do can be dangerous. Routine treatments from a professional pest control company can help control their population.

Take Back Your Yard with Mosquito Pest Control in South Lyon, MI

Summer is the time when many of us like to entertain outside. Summer evenings in Michigan mean cookouts, outdoor parties, and bonfires. These fun times and beautiful memories can be ruined very quickly when the mosquitoes come out. A professional exterminator will inspect your yard identifying any potential breeding areas. Mosquitoes need standing water in order to lay eggs. An exterminator will point out areas where water can collect and suggest ways to fix them. Chemical treatments will also be applied to reduce the mosquito population. 

Mosquito Exterminator at R.J.’s Pest control in South Lyon, MI

R.J.’s Pest Control’s mosquito control services can protect your home and yard against mosquitos with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We will inspect and treat the exterior of your home identifying any stagnant water nesting areas. Our experienced exterminators will treat areas where mosquitoes can breed in your yard and prevent mosquitos from coming back. With R.J.’s maintenance plan we will inspect your home and yard yearly making sure your home stays free of mosquitos and other pests. If you are experiencing an infestation in South Lyon, MI, call us at (734) 812-7675 or contact us online today for a free quote.

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