How To Stop Attracting Spiders

How To Stop Attracting Spiders

Spiders are attracted to moisture and damp areas of your home, like the basement, crawl space, and attic. To decrease the number of spiders that may enter your home you want to add caulk around gaps by the windows, and around wires, cables, and faucets that run from to the outside. You also want to replace any torn window screens and keep lights off around doors and windows to stop them from attracting in those areas and coming in. 

Process of Exterminating Spiders

Exterminators use insecticide aerosol sprays to begin the elimination of spiders. They focus on spraying baseboards, windows, door frames, corners, and pipes. They will also use other sprays for outdoor use only like the porch, decks, and entryways. The exterminator will have to do an initial visit to see the severity of the problem and determine which solution would work best. Then there maybe 2 or 3 visits to get the problem resolved. You then want to have an exterminator do an annual inspection to prevent spiders or any pests from entering your home.

Spider Exterminator at R.J.’S Pest Control

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Rj’s Pest Control will protect your home against insects such as spiders and guarantee 100% satisfaction. Our control specialists will inspect and secure your entire home including your attic, gaps in exterior walls, foundation grates, pipe openings, roof returns, and garage. With R.J.’s maintenance plan we will inspect the inside and outside of your home or business yearly making sure it stays free of spiders and other pests. If you think you have a spider problem and need service, please call us at (734) 812-7675 or contact us online for a free quote.

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