Do I Need a Stink Bug Exterminator/Pest Control?

Do I Need a Stink Bug Exterminator/Pest Control?

A stink bug can damage plants around your home and give off a strong and foul odor in and around your home. Attempting to remove a stink bug infestation without the assistance of a professional exterminator could cause the stink bugs to feel threatened and emit their odor as a defense mechanism. Hiring a stink bug exterminator at a pest control company is the quickest, most effective way to deal with a stink bug infestation to keep your yard and garden safe and eliminate the risk of them spreading a disease or producing unpleasant odors. 

Can Exterminators at Pest Control Companies Get Rid of Stink Bugs?

Stink bug infestations can become a problem in residential and commercial properties and gardens. Exterminators can provide stink bug extermination and prevention services. They will identify problematic areas and treat the interior and exterior of the home or business to ensure stink bugs stay away. They can help you seal off entry points, spray breeding grounds, and provide yearly or twice yearly inspections and preventative spray applications. 

Stink Exterminator/Pest Control With R.J.’S Pest Control 

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